So exited

About the gym i did go to the gym today and my instructor give us new news that every week Thursday but i am so So exited about it i don’t want weight in in the gym.
So that’s tomorrow I don’t feel in the mood to go but there is no way I should go.

She say to us she will give us a record sheet and we need to sign it up every class I go to  this coming week up to next Thursday new week weight in …
And that make it to hard for me .. but i am going for it i will update here as i come back from the gym with a big smile i hope. i need a lot of support but i hope this time i could do it i am going to post a page for this new challenge and i am going to call it a Aspire New Life will you like to join me! EmailMe

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Happy New Year 2009

from the deep of my heart i wish you all a very happy new year .

to all my friends and blog reader to my supporters by email friends online , family and my best friend lyn ((imacdelight))

all the joy and happens in this new year …

hope to get my target weight in this year and to be fit as well as get more fitness level .

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New Me ! New Diet ! and a New Way

today i come out with a new way … me and my nutrition Ask The Dietitians

so she put me on a diet od 1300 Cal as i was for some time. from today i am going to post my full day every night my day will talk to you by my photos… i will share it all so we Me and Diana will be in touch by my blog.

i started this day by my Weightin and it was 237.4 here is it and then i had my breakfast i had a 1
toast with a slice of cheese and 2 thin tomato slice for

for my lunch i had a steak that weight 2.5 OZ with 1/2 cup of rice and small salad and yogurt then i had a cup of RedMug Coffee..

with 1/2 cup of yogurt 

and this is the nutri facts of it

and my dinner was a luna 7inch oats bread from Subway i just fill it in with
tuna and 2 slice of tomato and pickles 

at the end of this day i had a Mug of Coffee as well

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The Benefits of Walking

The University of Michigan Health System found while, performing an analysis of nine separate studies, that walking is very beneficial to those trying to lose weight… even if they aren’t on an actual diet.

They tell us that individuals who participate in a pedometer based walking program will probably lose at least a modest amount of weight, without changing the way they eat. The longer that these same participants stayed in the program the more weight they lost.

These walking programs are convenient, flexible and enjoyable, as well. Besides the actual benefit of losing weight, walking is beneficial in other ways. These include: lower blood pressure, less risk of cardiovascular problems and improved overall muscle mass.

So, dig your sneakers out of the closet and start walking, today. It’s the ‘first step’ to a healthier you.

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To Weight or Not to Weigh

Many people, who are on a diet, feel the need to weight themselves everyday. Other dieters feel that they are more successful when they weight themselves, once or twice a week… or even less frequently than that.

Are you wondering which method is better? Unfortunately, there isn’t really a set in stone answer, for that question. It’s actually up to you to do what you’re most comfortable with.

 Personally, I don’t like to weight myself every day. Why? It isn’t so traumatic for me. I don’t want to know if I happened to gain a pound, because I cheated on my diet the day before. (We all have bad days, right?)

 For me, I have better luck weighing myself once a week. That way I have more time to loose the pound I gained from overeating.

 All in all, the choice to weigh or not to weigh is up to you.

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